5 tips to keep your car tyres in good conditions.

If you take some elementary care of your tires you can guarantee them a longer life and avoid spending a small fortune on a new set of tires. Read on to know five tips that will let you add more miles to your tires. Continue reading this blog to read 5 tips that will help you to add more miles to your car.

1. Maintain Optimum Tyre Pressure

A healthy set of wheels go a long way in maintaining the health of your dream car. Periodic checking of tyre pressure gives you more mileage from your engine, while keeping stress away from it.

2. Check Tyre Tread

New tyres have around 8-9mm of tread depth. This will become eventually shallower as the tyre begins to wear but the tread depth should never ever fall below 1.6mm. So a careful examination of tread wear should be performed before any long drive, as also periodically.

3. Rotate Your Tyres

Rotation of tyres is a good way to have even wearing of tread and longer tread life. Rotate tyres every 5,000 to 8,000 kms. Given is an image of a widely used cross pattern rotation for front and rear axle drive vehicles.

4. Be Alert While Steering Your Car

If you feel a vibration while holding the steering wheel of your car, It could mean that the wheel is not correctly balanced. This could lead to excessive tyre wear and tear. If required, get your wheel balanced on a wheel balancing machine.

5. Some Do's And Don't

A. Do not mix tyres of different manufacturer on the same axle.

B. Anticipate braking response and avoid braking hard while driving.

C. Do not accelerate too quickly, Tyre's can get damaged.

D. Improper wheel alignment can decrease the mileage by as much as 30%! So check it out.

E. Ensure your tyre's aren't misaligned, As they can wear faster and ake driving hazardous.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you found it helpful, Cheers!

Dev Singh

Flyers India

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